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Marketers work and so does marketing

If you are one of those people that hate marketeers, I have a message for you: you have created us. The only thing we strife for is to get the message of the product across to you. We analyse what works and go from there. It’s your own fault that the things that work are not always the ones you like.
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Comparing online channels to traditional channels

If you’re in online marketing, you probably get a lot of questions about the different channels to use. When catering to a person that isn’t that internet savvy, it is helpful to compare online to offline channels. This way, you can dispense with a lot of questions. I thought it might be handy to create an overview.

Ad words => advertising in the yellow pages

You are looking for something and your search engine gives you sponsored links that cater to your needs. When looking through the yellow pages, you will also find ads of the category you are browsing through that provide a solution to your problem.

Banners => magazine ads

The word itself says it all. Banners are very similar to magazine ads. You are browsing through a site and next to the content you are viewing, advertising is present. Read the rest of this entry »


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upcoming features

I just wanted to assure you all that there are new articles on the way. The problem is that I don’t just want to write something. I want to give you something worthwhile. So these are some things I’ve been working on:

  • The difference between your first personal site and a full fledged international site with all the trimming
  • A rant in favour of marketeers
  • Comparing online channels to traditional ones
  • Original uses of Twitter

I hope this inspires you to come back.
If you have any topics you want to see me tackle, don’ t hesitate to ask.

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How to make a social media plan that works

I found this article on imediaconnection.

It was very insightful so I didn’t want to exclude your from this:

How to craft a social media plan that connects


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Why the church will always have better marketing than your company

Hey, buy my things!

Hey, buy my things!

This is the mandatory controversial post. Since I am Belgian, I took the Catholic Church as an example. I don’t want to offend anybody, but I’m pretty sure I will. Read the rest of this entry »

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Trend: converting everyday products into design items

Everything is marketable. Where luxury products were the first ones to be designed into a fashionable way, more and more everyday products are being designed. What I mean by this, is that, while still fulfilling their function, the looks are being taken care of as well.
This is a normal evolution of the maturation of a product. When just serving a purpose stops being sufficient, designers take over. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, I leave up to you. Read the rest of this entry »

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New media marketing 101 series: #4 Virals

Look at the legs on this thing

Look at the legs on this thing

Post number four of the series. Today it’s about virals. Wikipedia defines it as “a marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of pathological and computer viruses.”

This is a pretty good explanation. What you really need to do is produce something so good people catch the virus and willingly transmit it themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

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