Is the juice worth the squeeze

06 Oct

Where has the time gone that “get 3 for the price of 2” was the paramount of promotional campaigns? What happened to “no good, get your money back”? Where is the “I make special price, just for you!” in the online world? I don’t know. All I know is that over the last few years, my job hasn’t got any simpler.

Today, it’s all numbers, processes, reports, bpm, bi, fps, tfs, gbu, dls and other various acronyms that people don’t understand. Don’t get me wrong, these things do help your campaign along and can make a difference, if interpreted correctly. Over the past couple of years I did simple prize draws, cash backs, online code as redemption, free stuff in your mail, price reductions, betting pools, training with an incentive, daily lotteries and gift voucher with registrations amongst other things. I might have forgotten a few.

Participants have seen it all nowadays. You cannot really surprise them with the greatest campaign ever. You just have to capture the moment and the demographic. Is there a crisis going on? We’ll give them part of their money back. Are there disasters around the world? We’ll give money to charity every time you buy. You don’t know our product? We’ll send you samples for free and if you don’t like it, you can always send it back to us at no charge. The possibilities are endless. And while this is a good thing for the end-consumer, it makes my life a lot more difficult but also a lot more interesting.

Where I used to make one mail, one form and capture everything in one database, now the situation is completely different. We have 7 push mails, 3 update mails, 2 databases, 14 forms and numerous possibilities for end-users to take advantage of.

The big question I sometimes wonder, if it’s all worth it? Is the juice worth the squeeze?
What do you think? Is the effort we put in our campaigns, in general, worth it?

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