Question about evolution?

30 Nov

Here’s a thought: if animals evolve into the thing they need to be, where will mankind be in a few thousand years.

The reason giraffes have developed such a long neck is because the food that they eat is on trees. They need their neck to reach their food. A chameleon has developed it’s camouflage techniques because it needs to be invisible for predators. You can look up thousands of these evolutionary facts. The main basis for this is that the animal (or plant) adapts itself to it’s surroundings to be able to survive.

The last couple of thousands of years, mankind has changed this. Since evolution is not going as fast as we like, we adapt our surroundings to our own desires. So this raised a few questions with me: will mankind not evolve any more because there are no more necessary inherent traits needed to survive? Or even worse, will mankind evolve into creatures that do not improve their abilities but adapt the surroundings we have created for ourselves? Where will we evolve from their?

If we keep changing our environment to make it easier for people to do what needs to be done, I fear that there will only be a downward spiral until people are just brains in blobs.

What do you think?


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