What stumbleupon can do for you

14 Oct

In the past week, I have busied myself by adding an “add to any” button on most of my posts. Here and there I have added a page on stumbleupon. The results are spectacular. So I decided to write something about the effect of stumbleupon to your site. Here it goes:

Personal effects

As you see on these stats, the objective result is staggering. The visits to this very blog were multiplied tenfold in just a day. I can see very clearly in the rest of the statistics, that the most views were generated towards the articles that I actually registered on Stumbleupon. This is no shock at all. What did surprise me is that people tend to linger and check out the other pages as well.

Is this as good for you as it is for me?

Stumbling can, as you see, bring a lot of people to your site in a short amount of time. But is this the best course of action? Isn’t it better to create a reputation for yourself and get targeted hits from people who actually want to read what you write? Stumblers are people who don’t know what they are looking for and trust the social bookmarking site to make the choice for them. I want to compare them to channelsurfers on regular tv, just flicking through the channels to see what’s on instead of taking the tv guide and doing the research.
Well, you can go like this but in all honesty: f*** that. You and I both know that it’s very cool to see so many people visiting your site.

Take a chance

Chances are you, yes you, have reached this page through stumble. The fact that you are still reading this, confirms my suspicion that some people tend to linger and view more pages of the blog. Who am I to argue. There are some nice posts on here as I say so myself.
I hope some of you return here and there to check up on me.

If you like me to check up on you: comment.
If you like to know more: comment:
If you like me to check you out: comment
If you like me so much for other people to check me out: share this page.

Thanks for reading!


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