New media marketing 101 series: #2 Social Network Sites

15 Jan
A lot of networks to choose from...

A lot of networks to choose from...

This is the second part of my New Media 101 series.  Social networks are a big part of new media marketing these days. It’s a way to distribute the message in a cost-effective manner. (If you do it right)

Social network: a website where people can publish information and tie themselves to other individuals, companies or organisations, defining their social links by doing so.


  • If you make a good ad, viral, application, group, … you are ensured of a speedy distribution by your “fans”. Social media people are traditionally keen on sharing things they like.
  • The startup cost is pretty low. Anybody really can create a group or a profile page on some sites. (not all though)
  • Easily trackable results


  • While a lot of your audience might be one or more social network sites, there is no guarantee they will see your application, add, group, etc.
  • If you want your campaign to work, it requires constant monitoring. Contrary to popular belief, this sort of campaign is in need of constant updating.
  • Your audience is very outspoken and communicative. If your campaign works, expect lots of correspondence and be sure to answer everything(!).
  • Since the success of such a campaign solely depends on the goodwill of your audience, make sure your idea is extremely original.

While the money picture is very good, the chance of succes depends on the idea and the effort you put into the campaign once it is live.

So, do you have a good idea? Go for it!

See the first post here.


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