New media marketing 101 series: #1 the Blog

13 Jan
it's marvelous

I have a blog: it's marvelous

To inform you all a little better, over the next few weeks I will publish a series of articles about the benifits and problems of different types of new media. Not that I think you all are stupid. On the contrary, you are by far the most intelligent readers on the net. I just think you might be interested to hear my professional opinion on this.

The first chapter goes back to basics:

Blog (or Web Log): A website where people can easily publish articles in the form of a log-book. This type of publishing can be used by anyone. A lot of free blogger sites are available, including themes, add-ons and services. You can also download files and make a blog of your own on your personal site. Blogs are a easy to use introduction into online publishing.

Examples of platforms:


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to customize
  • Free


  • There is a platform in expanding the scope of your site when using this type of web publishing. Don’t expect to transfer easily into selling your product online.
  • Bloggers traditionally encourage each other to read their sites and respond to their articles. So do not use a blog when you can’t handle critisism.
  • Some blogs post articles, just to post something. This results in uninteresting information and diminishes the attraction of the blog.

If you’re an individual or have a company that has a lot of information to publish which is interesting to a large spectrum of readers: blog. You can expect interaction and input but stay sharp and don’t post generic bulls**t.


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