Good intentions

23 Dec
Oh no, not the new year!

Oh no, not the new year!

Up to now, I’ve lived my life following two rules.
My friends know this about me and respect them too.
These are:

  1. Woman are difficult and men are stupid.
    This applies to all situations where the relation between these two is the issue.
  2. People are stupid but a person is intelligent.
    This is solely based on marketing. When devising a campaign, leaflet, poster … for a wide audience, just take the lowest factor of common sense en it will work. When targeting individual persons, they tend to be smarter than you think.

With this last rule in mind I call upon everyone in the marketing industry to enforce this in your campaigns. These are the things I would like to see happen in 2009:

  1. Keep it real.
    I’m not talking about the hip-hop slang meaning. I’m talking about the actual meaning. Please don’t try to lure your audience into taking the desired action on a campaign. Just state plain and simple what is in it for them. E.g. “Buy this, work out and you will lose weight” in stead of “Give us your money and girls will throw themselves at your fabulous body.”
  2. Don’t try to fool your customers.
    I’m talking to the agencies here. In bad economic times, like the ones we’re in, not only the consumer but also your customer tends to shop around. Now more than ever they will go for the cheaper offer in stead of the best one. So cut down on anything you can and give your customer what it really wants. They will remember it when times pick up again.
  3. Focus on people not on product.
    I know I sound like a broken record on this point but it is still very valid.

I could post hundreds more but I think it’s better marketing that I stick to the basics.
Happy holidays!

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