Why do we blog?

12 Dec
Back off, I'm blogging!

Back off, I'm blogging!

In search of some meta-understanding of myself, I looked for other blogs that tackle this  problem. To my surprise: there are a whole lot of them! So I skipped to a number of them and found a number of similar reasons but a vast majority of different ones. So in stead of trying to invent the wheel. I bundled my thoughts with the ones I found in this one post.

If you want to skip reading: the answer for most of us is “for pleasure”. But if you seek a bit more information: here are my thoughts.

Personal reasons


Tied along with a bit of an exhibitionist streak a lot of people have, some blogs can be seen as the modern version of a the recounts of your life. It’s what you wrote in your journal when you were young: my experience with this, I like that thing, I have a crush on this boy, …

Self expression

following the first point is the second one, obviously. But for a lot of bloggers, their posts reflect mostly what they can do in stead of what they are in general. They show their skills in photoshop, programming, poetry, writing, and so on. This is their personal journal but with a more social streak, including a bit of showing off.

15 minutes

For those that take the showing off to the next level, fame is what the aspire too. Since blogging is free and you can get known overnight, cyber-celebs are created instantly.


As the knowledge base on the web grows and grows, acquiring knowledge is not a question of hitting the books and digging for every bit of information in dusty pages. Yes, you can find anything you want in books and on the internet but the true value here lies in the dialogue. Blogging is a two way stream of information: you put your thoughts on the web and you hope to get others’ back. Learning by conversation.

The greater good


For some of you, blogging is a way to out your views on the world. You let your readers know what you think. It doesn’t go as far as enciting them to take action but it makes them think.


And then there are those who really want to make a difference. As I wrote earlier, celebs are made every day, so why not a celeb with an opinion you can use. Everyone watches Oprah and some copy her actions to make the world a better place. So you might think “why don’t I?”.



If you write for your company, it’s to promote your brand, product, promotions, etc. But you can also use it to promote your personal brand. When you have a professional blog it shows your expertise.


Some people blog for money. They choose topics on the basis of popularity and try to increase traffic. It’s their job.
The last reason and perhaps one that is more prominent then we like to admit: because everyone is doing it.

Do you want to know why I blog? Try to read between the lines or just ask me.
Why do you blog?

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