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10 Dec
When you said "back to basics", I didn't mean so basic...

When you said "back to basics", I didn't mean so basic...

Because there is a lot of emphasis on this recession, I thought it would be handy to gather some interesting articles to thrive in this tough economic climate.

Marketing in a bad market
The key take away is “remarkable innovation occurs in marketing and media — in the worst of times”. She actually makes a similar point as my earlier post on this.

Five Tips to Cope — or Even Thrive — Through Downturn
The article by AdAge is a very handy guide.

Marketing In Tough Economy
Some very usefull tips. It becomes apparent that digital media is one of the most obvious answers.

Marketing in a recession
Of course Seth Godin has something to say about this too.

6 Ways Content Marketing Can Help You Survive the Recession
As my former teacher used to say: content is king. An easy way to give your business more depth and thus more leverage.

Marketing Guide: marketing in a recession
Some useful insights that go along with some actions to take if you want to survive this climate.

Recession Marketing Strategies
Some small thoughts on the topic. Fun to read and easy to digest.

I hope this helps some of you and was interesting for all of you.

Do you have your own tips?
Don’t be afraid to comment.

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