The seven R’s of successful blogging

03 Dec
Darling, please read my blog

Darling, please read my blog

Letter lists are an easy way to remember information. Some of them you might know. The most widespread one is the “4 p’s of marketing”. (product, place, promotion, price) Lesser known but nevertheless very interesting are the 6 c’s of web content and the 6 c’s of leadership.
I’m sure every one of you knows at least one or two other lists like these.
I’ve come up with the 7 r’s of successful blogging. Abide by these guidelines and you’ll have a great blog in no time. Try to find out if I used all of my points in this post.

  1. Read

    When starting a blog, first do your homework. Stake out the competition, read successful blogs and take your clues from them.

  2. Report

    A blog is your possibility of speaking your mind. You report your opinion, your view or just information that you have read somewhere. Do this often and correctly. Be sure to use web-writing. If you don’t know how, check my earlier post.

  3. Rewrite

    Don’t be afraid to edit. Write and rewrite a lot to make sure your post is exactly what you want to reader to see. Make sure every nook and cranny is accounted for.

  4. Reach out

    Nothing is worse than a blog that isn’t read. Bloggers put a lot of time and effort in creating their work. So make sure yours get read. Advertise your blog in any way you can. Contact your friends, family, colleagues… in short: use your network. If you don’t have a network, create one or borrow one.
    Try to get information from your readers. At the start, this can be hard. If no one visits your blog, there is no one to react. When your numbers start picking up, you’ll see that more people will want to react. Try to coerce readers into reacting. This can be by just asking them to, by writing a piece that is controversial or a number of other ways.

  5. Rely

    When you get information from your readers/fellow bloggers, do not question them directly. Rely on their information but make sure you check it when reproducing it yourself. Use the knowledge of the crowd in stead of the knowledge of one; yourself.

  6. React

    This is perhaps the most important one. Building a base of readers depends on their involvement but also on your own. When you get a comment, a mail, or any form on communication related to you blog, acknowledge the sender. When following up on item 1 of the list, make sure you react yourself. People who like your reaction will click on the link to your blog and you gain a reader. If you have written valuable information for your colleague bloggers in a post, make sure you put the link in your comment.

  7. Relate (x2)

    Interlink your posts. When you have written something earlier that touched on a subject you are currently formulating a post about, link to it. Chances are your reader has not been with you from the start of your blogging career. This will help him to get in touch with earlier posts.
    Relate to your audience. If you’re writing a law-blog, don’t put lolcats in there. Stick to your subject matter and try to gain info on what your readers want. This way, they will come back for more.

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