My shortlist of products of 2008

01 Dec

I was thinking of doing a “best products of 2008” feature for my next blogpost.

my mom knitted me an iPhone

my mom knitted me an iPhone

But the response was a bit too low for it to be a global list. Therefore I decided that it will be a completely bias list of the products I think shaped 2008.

The Iphone

Let’s get the first obvious item out of the way. It’s a marketing product. I believe it has some good potential but honestly speaking, this product was pushed so much, it has lost all appeal to me.

what too much money can do

what too much money can do

I’m rich

What most people would deem a footnote is actually one of the best products of the year. The “I’m rich” application for the Iphone is a work of a genious. The creator is someone who understands the purchaser of this “phone” extremely well. Of course the gadget can do a whole lot of amazing things but one of the main drives for sales is that it regarded as extremely cool. So the buyers are people who are very image-conscious. An application that doesn’t do anything really but costs $1000 just shows exactly what the name suggests. It says “I have so much money I can buy something that does not do anything exept show that I

downgrading as the best option

downgrading as the best option

have the money.” Amazing.

Windows XP

When looking through other lists of best products I keep bumping into Windows XP. I thought this was hilarious. So this one gets on my list.




Of course the Wii is now widely accepted as a genuine game console. I know it was launched in 2007 but with all the accessories (wheel, board, etc…) the real value becomes apparent now.

Yes, you are a rock star

Yes, you are a rock star

Guitar hero series

Again, this is not a product that launched in 2008 but it is now so widely spread that you can’t get around it any more. This is a game that really changed the way we play videogames, so it made my list.

Lotus speculoos paste

I love to get smeared...

I love to get smeared...

This is a regional product. For the readers that don’t know what this is I’ll elaborate.
In Belgium, there is a show called “de bedenkers”. (the inventors) A woman called Els Scheppers had the idea of creating a new kind of spread to put on your slice of bread. You can compare it to peanut butter but with the very sweet taste of speculoos. She didn’t win in the program but made a deal with the largest supplier of speculoos in Belgium. This product is so popular, they had to boost production twice to comply with the need of the market. I have a friend with two kids who told me 80% of the glass jars to throw away as trash are speculoos paste jars.

An honorable mention goes to the bras for men.

If you think I neglected to mention things; please comment.

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