Marketing trends 2008

19 Nov
Have you been naughty?

Have you been naughty?

Since the holidays are coming the Christmas and year’s ends list are coming with this. So, here’s one of mine. There will be coming some more in the next few days, all concerning new media markething of course.

I was thinking of calling this post “markething hypes” but marketeers have been pushing these things so hard in the last year, that these have become trends.

The results you see below are part of my own experience but also the summary of the answers that I’ve got when I asked the LinkedIn users.

1. Social network

The rise of social networks (facebook, myspace, netlog, …) has been going on for a few years, but it seems companies are getting in touch with the power of these tools. Not only adds, popups and other more traditional online means are being used. Social networks are all about the user. Ad campaigns are created to make the readers take action themselves and become “partners” in spreading the message.

2. Viral campaign

Great virals are those that don’t look like ad campaigns. People forward it and again (see nr. 1) spread the message themselves. The emphasis is not on the product but on the message or the way using the medium.

3. Confused marketeers

My brain hurts!

My brain hurts!

This was suggested to me by Joey Curtis on LinkedIn and I think he made a very good point. The multitude of ways to market a product is resulting in marketeers not knowing what to do first or at all. More and more agencies jumped on social networks without really gettin to know the possibilities and learn about the processes. They wanted an “in” and made something, just to be present on the channel. We saw the same thing with Second Life last year.

4. Mobile

Another suggestion from on LinkedIn, made by Mark Stinson. Personalized information at your fingertips, so to speak. Companies are getting directly in touch with their consumer.
This suggestion did not generate too much interest for me until I saw it was from Mr. Stinson who works with medical brands. As a docter’s son I know this is a very rigid market. So the fact that he’s getting medical companies to invest in mobile technology was surprising.

5. Going green

This was an answer that I got from a few persons. I see this happening in the company I work for but also in small things in general life. More things are being recycled, better use of materials, more economic ways to go about doing things.

6. Two way information trafic

This is the main point for me. Advertising has taken a turn towards interactivity in stead of just “providing information”. With the rise of the social networks, companies are becoming aware of the power of the consumer and not in a bad way. Brands are starting to listen and that is very much a good thing. Being present on a social network is one thing, actually engaging with your customer is another. And this is where we are heading: two way communication.

Thank you for reading and as always: every comment is welcome.

I’m thinking about doing a post on the last point in days to come.
What do you think?

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