13 Nov

What's this picture doing here?

In the interest of making this blog a little more credible, I thought it was time to write something about myself. Not that I’m this interesting, on the contrary, but to increase awareness of my experience. This to build a foundation on which you (the reader) will accept my writings more easily.

At the moment I’m 31 and I’m a Web Specialist for a multinational company. I’ve not been with this company that long but I really like it here. My duties range from updating a number of websites to creating campaigns for some of the brands the company owns. But I started in a different area.

A year after I finished my masters in Communication- and MultimediaDesign I got a job as an account executive at an event- and community agency. Or as they like to call it experience and community agency. (What’s in a name…) As I was the only one to have any practical skill in designing sites, flyers, posters etc, I was quickly pushed in the position of multimedia designer. The problem was that a sister-agency was specialised in this, so only the event-driven design jobs were coming my way. General executive work was also in my job description. This meant putting forms in a database, sending packages and helping out at some events, sorry, experiences. Here it was that I first touched on the subject of email marketing. While the mailing campaigns we sent out were not that big, I got a lot of valuable input from the tech guys at the sister company. After two years I called it quits and moved on.

With a very brief stop at a Jamba-clone I ended up at a publisher, specialized in recruitement. This was a very good move for me. I was an e-marketeer and responsible for every piece of e-marketing communication b2c aswel as b2b. This was a unique situation as you are communicating your own message but sometimes also the client’s. Here I learned how to work with Optizen Messagent. This is a very good e-campaigning tool. You can set up very small mailings in this environment but also really complicated event-driven email (and text-message) campaigns. Here I got to experiment on my own to see how mailings are done and made better step by step. I worked together with the other brands of the company that had a database about 15 times bigger than mine and a whole lot more experience.

After a year another agency called me with a job offer. Foolishly I took it. And while they had a lot of talk I felt like I was just a replacement for someone that was going on holiday. When this holiday was over, I was not needed anymore so… You can guess the next step. Actually I really don’t mind now. I know that I didn’t fit in, they were all talk and no game, trying to make it big but really not up to speed.

As I said earlier, now I’m a Web Specialist, with a specialisation in email marketing and CMS systems. I work closer to home, have more responsibility, better pay and better hours.

I try to update my blog as much as possible with things that I’ve learnt, things I want to learn and things that are interesting. I hope you find these subjects as engaging as I’d like them to be.

Please comment if you like to know more.

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