What are the next steps in marketing?

30 Oct

These tips started out as a guide to keep your cost down and your roi up but it ended up as a statement on how to succesfully engage your potential customer.
There are a few simple rules in the new volutile economy but I hopes this will help in making the world better for the consumer and thus for the companies too.
Here we go:

1. Connect
If you’re devising a campaign to reach all of your potential buyers, give up now. The big campaigns that appeal to everyone are dead. The world isn’t divided into crowds anymore. It’s inhabited by individuals. Try connecting with them on a topic that is importent to them personally.
E.g.: “XX Cola is environmentally friendly, so you should drink it” will not work any more. The message should be “XX Cola is helping the environment by …”. Leaving out a call to action but just building up the brand and making a real connection with the potential buyer. When you have teased them into looking for more info on your brand, you can also share more info on your products. This way you will have pulled in the customer, in stead of pushing them.

2. Narrate
People always like stories. And when your company is connected to it, the better for you.
The days of the hard sell is over. In the information age, everyone is just a click away from your competitor. And they will use this click when you push them the wrong way.
When telling a story about a person in a similar situation that is being helped by your product, has had a good experience, is having a fun experience or is looking forward to it, you will connect more and in the long run build up a steady customer base to rely on.

3. Respect
I’m not using this word as in Hip-hop slang but as in acual respect for the person you are reaching. This may not even be the person you’re trying to market your product to. If I’m a dad and my son is an emo boy but still a good kid, I would be negatively influenced to see an ad that makes fun of the “emo-movement“. So I will not buy the product. But respect goes way further than this. Respect the customer and give that the right price. Don’t push the product by annoying ads. Just tell them about the product and maybe give insights on how it will improve their lives when purchasing it

4. Ease
Make it easy for your potential customer. If you devise a campaign, try to make it simple. “Buy this product, fill in the form to win something and we’ll do the rest”. No going to a site, registering, going through 10 screens leaving every bit of information that you have and then get calls for two years about how it’s going with the product. Just the campaign > action and you’re done.

5. Availability
Make your product available in as many ways as possible. In the shops, online, buy by telephone or even by mail. The more options you give your potential customer, the easier it is for them to find their way to get their hands on your product.

6. listen and learn
This is perhaps the most important one. When someone complains, don’t just listen and nod or try to explain why it has happened. Hear their problem, react and make them feel better in any way you can. Facts and figures are a good way, but a real conversation is better.

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