Humanity rant

21 Oct

I was going through some presentations and I saw this (older) one on slideshare:
It’s a long slideshow about the “future of advertising”.
I’ll give slide nr three away: it says “There isn’t any.”

This actually captured my attention. It’s good marketing within this presentation. I concurr with this saying.

Advertising is dead and humanity killed it!

(find the hidden meaning within)

They go on about how marketing used to be product centered and now it’s consumer centered. I hope everyone who reads this already knows this! Otherwise you should get with the program or get out of the business. You can go through the rest of the presentation. If you’re interested in marketing or advertising, it could work for you.

Fact is, this presentation reminded me of my old job. I used to work in an experience marketing agency. They had the message right but sometimes they got the execution wrong. It’s not about creating an experience and tagging on a brand that will win customers in the long run. You will definately get some short-term succes but when days/months/years pass, people always revert to the best product for them.
This may be the idealist within speaking but I still have faith in humanity. If a product does what it’s supposed to do, you’ll have a great experience every time you use it. And that’s the best marketing of all.

But not only the way most campaigns are created nowadays is to blame.
Businesses create products to attract certain demographics. When Sony Ericcson makes a cellphone that can store 5 terabites of music, download movies in 3 seconds and has the looks of the latest hot boy/girl band, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out for who the product is inteded.
This is a prime example of a product constructed by marketing.
But in the end, does it not deliver what it is supposed to do??

The prime objective of a cellphone for this audience is not communication, it is envy. What’s better for a teenage girl than being on the top of the social ladder, just by bying a product?
Instant gratification! No hassle of climbing up the ladder, just taking the elevator right to the top. Just by having the “thing”, it serves it’s purpose. It doesn’t need to function at all. But when mommy or daddy buys it, I bloody well should too.

Long ago when the first mobile phones came out (back in 1795), there was a product on the market from the local crappy mail order catalog.  It was a fake cellphone. It didn’t do anything but looking like a cellphone. People could install it in their car and act like they got the thing everyone wanted at the time. This was their bestselling product of all time! No extra explanation neccesary.

So here’s another one of my requests for all the marketeers out there:
Don’t create marketing campaigns!
Create campaigns advertise the existance of the product to the target audience. It will work sooo much better!

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